Custom airbrushed Triumph Thunderbird

Custom painted Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle.This one was base coated with PHP black. The birds were then hand drawn by Alison, and the detail airbrushed in. A subtle but very sparkly cloudy sky was also painted onto the tank and side covers. ssic Finished in a two pack clear...

Custom painted mountain bike guard for professional rider Matt Jones

We recently painted this bike mudguard that had been 3d printed by Nathan from the Central Coast. Nathans Youtube Chanel Nathan is an avid mountain bike rider and a big fan of Matt Jones, a pro mountain bike rider from the UK. The mountain bike mudguard is foldable and can lay flat, this made it very easy to custom paint.The guard was hand painted in an Australian theme featuring a hand-drawn image of a kangaroo. The kangaroo was on a mountain...

Shoei hornet custom painted adventure bike helmet video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tllGC4H-8Cw Shoei hornet custom painted KTM adventure bike helmet. Shoei hornet custom painted helmet. Our first You tube video of our custom airbrushing! This video shows (most) of the progress of painting a Shoei hornet adventure bike helmet. Themed around a KTM 1190 adventure motorcycle, complete with hand painted artwork and riders...

Airbrushed Harley - Traditional Flames

Custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle.This one was base coated with PHP black. The flames were then hand drawn by Alison, a custom blue outline was painted on and then the flames were completed with a PHP Orange and a Classic Yellow. All the custom motorcycle parts were then finished in a two pack clear...