Custom airbrushed skateboards

custom painted zflex skateboard deck

Custom airbrushed skateboards make a great affordable gift for all ages, even if you don’t skate they look great hanging on the wall.

Recently I was commissioned to paint 2 totally different skateboard decks, however both were to be given as birthday gifts. 
The first one was a zflex long board, the customer wanted it custom painted white with a black logo, the logo belongs to the birthday boys band.  I painted this board in a De Beer white and airbrushed the logo in a black pearl, also from De Beer. Finally I coated it with 3 coats of 2 pack De Beer clear and it looked great. The yellow wheels added that  final touch of colour!

The second board I was commissioned to airbrush was a blank timber board, the customer was getting this one airbrushed for his fathers birthday and wanted it to have the Harley Davidson logo in a dark red with some flames coming off each side.  I base coated this one in a DNA pure black and airbrushed the logo in a House of Kolor shimrin red and silver. The pure black lived up to it’s name when that clear coat hit!  This should look awesome hanging on the garage wall!

Christmas is coming , maybe someone you know would love a custom airbrushed skateboard.

Harley Davidsom skateboard
Custom Harley skateboard
custom airbrushed skate board
Custom airbrushed board
Custom airbrushed skateboards
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