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Airbrush Pricing

Getting your own custom paint job is not a difficult thing to do!
All of our airbrushing work is custom and because no two jobs are ever the same, prices will always vary depending on how much detail is required (i.e time spent) or if any specialty paints are needed etc.  Airbrush prices do not include clearcoat costs, this is quoted additionally. airbrush, airbrushing
Please request a quote and give as much detail as possible about the vision you have, include any pictures that will help show what you are after.

Your location is not a problem, Alison Arts has done many jobs for interstate customers from as far away as W.A, Northern Queensland and even Tasmania. If you are buying an item to be painted online you can get it shipped directly to us to save on time and postage costs. airbrush, airbrushing

We will organise safe courier return of your customised items for you if required.
airbrush, airbrushing, custom, painting, bikes, helmets


1. Request a quote
2. Accept the quote or discuss changes
3. Once you have accepted your quote,  you will then be emailed through an invoice outlining the deposit that is required for work to commence.
4. Pay any deposit due and deliver/post your items to be painted .
5. Work will begin and progress will be shared with you at specific points in the job.
6. On completion of the work, full payment is due and items are returned to you fully customised and ready to show off.


Payment can be made through Paypal, credit card, bank transfer or cash.
custom paint and airbrushing bikes, helmets, carts
custom paint and airbrushing bikes, helmets, carts
custom paint and airbrushing bikes, helmets, carts
custom paint and airbrushing bikes, helmets, carts



Items to be airbrushed need to be in good condition,
preferably ready for paint

Guitar PAINT

Guitars must be unstrung with removable
parts removed.


Your location is not a problem, most things can
be shipped safely and cheaply.

No OFFensive Art

We don’t paint offensive images
(eg. pornographic)


All parts to be painted need to be removed
from the bike and petrol drained from the tank.


The best helmets to paint are a solid colour.
if buying a new helmet, choose either a black or white Gloss.
(Even if you want a matte finish at the end)