Airbrushed Kokoda Caravan

Custom airbrushed caravan

Custom airbrushed caravan from Alison Arts custom paint and airbrushing.
If you thought airbrushing was just for your motorcycle,  helmet or guitar, think again!

Alison Arts recently airbrushed a Kokoda Caravan. The Kokoda caravan was a Two Up XL model caravan. We airbrushed an Australian Army themed mural to the front of it for a couple of happy caravan lovers, it took a few days but it was totally worth the effort, giving the van a totally custom one of a kind paint job. If you see them on the road give them a toot! The Australian army even heard about this one and contacted Ross, the owner of the van! Give us a call or contact us on our website to customise your mobile home, van or caravan.



Airbrushed Kokoda Caravan
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